Definitions of Bookkeeping Terminology

  Definitions of Bookkeeping Terminology Whether you’re a business owner who is just starting out running your small business and you want to know about bookkeeping; or a student who’s researching for an accounting test or assignment; or just someone who is curious about bookkeeping and its terminologies, well, you’re in luck!  ‘Cause this blog is for you!  Here are the Bookkeeping Terminology definitions that you need to know: Accounts…  Read more

The Oasis Difference

  The Oasis Difference     The Business Oasis story starts in a small town in Tasmania where my father used to make a living as a Fisherman. Growing up in a household with a seasonal & lumpy income, I have always known the pressure that it can place on your family when you’re not certain how much cash flow you will have this month and you’re not in control of your…  Read more

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