Weekly Digest – 6 April 2023

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Australian house prices surge, but experts are divided over whether this is a real recovery

The Australian housing market has surged in recent months, but experts are divided on whether it’s a “dead cat bounce” or the start of a real recovery.

Lenders offer incentives to attract home loan customers amid surging house prices

Many lenders are providing cashback offers and waiving fees, while others are offering perks such as frequent flyer points. Experts warn that borrowers should not choose a home loan based solely on incentives and should carefully consider the loan’s interest rate and other terms.

Australian government bans TikTok on all government-issued devices

The government has banned the use of TikTok on its devices. The move comes amid concerns that the app, which is owned by Chinese company ByteDance, could pose a risk to national security due to the company’s close ties to the Chinese government.

Tradies vandalize Porter Davis homes after Melbourne builder’s collapse

Angry tradies in Melbourne vandalized newly built homes by Porter Davis following the company’s collapse, which has left several subcontractors out of pocket. The state government has promised to help those affected.

Australian housing shortage adds fuel to worsening rental crisis

With a decrease in the supply of rental properties, experts warn that the already-high rental prices in some areas will only increase. Low-income earners and young people are expected to be the hardest hit.

OPEC+ announces surprise production cut, oil prices surge

The OPEC+ group of countries, including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Russia, announced a surprise cut in production of around 1 million barrels per day, leading to a surge in oil prices to near US$86 a barrel. The move is expected to cause fresh tensions with the US as western governments try to manage inflation.

Many legacy blue check holders still have their verification marks, despite not paying for Twitter Blue

Twitter’s blue verification checkmark system was supposed to be purged by Elon Musk on April 1, but instead, the social media platform appeared to have targeted only one account from a major publication Musk dislikes: The New York Times.

How strangers on the internet are helping people stay focused

To combat the challenge of staying motivated and on task while working remotely from home, some people are turning to strangers to sit with them via video call as they work virtually. This solution provides a low level of accountability that helps prevent distractions and keeps individuals on track.

Is the 5-9 am morning routine actually effective?

The 5-9 am morning routine has become a trend on TikTok, with the hashtag #5to9routine having 35 million views. However, according to psychologist Suzy Reading, it may not necessarily make you more productive, as productivity can depend on an individual’s natural body clock and sleep needs.

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