Kristy Fairbairn

CEO & Founder

About Kristy

As a passionate business owner who thrives off of helping my clients create balance in their business; I have had the honor of working as a bookkeeper for over 10 years, and have been a Small Business owner for 5 of those years. I have helped my clients create strategies to future proof their businesses with their day to day bookkeeping needs, payroll and end of month/quarterly bookkeeping reconciliations.

As a licensee of Pure Bookkeeping, I know that I am working alongside a great team who ensure Best Practice Bookkeeping systems are in place to ensure the highest standard of work is carried out at The Business Oasis.

By being a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, as well as a member of Australian Bookkeepers Network I am able to further support my small to large size business to ensure that they know they are not alone to navigate the current economic client.

At The Business Oasis, we love numbers, solving problems and most of all – helping people succeed in their businesses.

In my mission to help as many small business owners as I can, in 2020, I worked with Melanie Power, a leader in the Bookkeeping & Accounting Industry, as a Business Success Coach. This gave me the opportunity to work with bookkeepers and accountants globally to help them help their clients. Through this work, a passion was ignited to include Business & Mindset Coaching services to small business owners. In 2021, I started working with Tim Hoopmann  and together we have launched our group program, Unleash Your Inner CEO. We now get to support and empower small business owners from varying industries to thrive, and create a business of their dreams.


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